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I am Sophiya Uprety, mother of two little boys and a passionate Nutritionist from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Someone famously stated, "tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are," elucidating our profound relationship with food. First and foremost, a large part of our health and wellbeing depends on food – not only what we eat but also how and when we eat. Modern nutrition science as well as ancient wisdom like Ayurveda are in unison when it comes to the integral role food and diet play for our good health.


Food is also so much more. It gives us joy and comfort. It summons fond memories and can also evoke strong emotions. Food promotes social bond and harmony. A shared meal binds us together. It is also at the heart of celebrations and festivities. Dietary traditions reflect our cultures and are a strong part of our national and ethnic identities. Food, therefore, is also a portrayal of who we are.  


When it is not the right kind of food or if there is not enough food, then it brings pain and sufferings as well – some in the short run while some may manifest years or decades later. Our dietary patterns even have the power to affect the health of the planet and the environmental sustainability which are inherently linked to our wellbeing. Hence, food definitely warrants our conscious attention.


Everyone has a right to good nutrition. I have been working in the field of public health nutrition with several  international agencies for around one and a half decade, closely engaged with the challenges as well as the possibilities of ensuring nutrition for the most vulnerable. My passion for promoting nutrition goes beyond the development and humanitarian work and infiltrates every walk of my life.


Looking around, I see confusion, unawareness and also obliviousness about what entails good nutrition. Even many educated and well to do people are found to be clueless. The implications of poor nutrition practices are very grave while the outcome of good nutrition are so wonderful. Something tugged inside me and I felt a moral imperative to make more effort. So, this is my personal endeavour to encourage everyone to embrace good nutrition as a way of life and unlock its endless potential … 


I dedicate this initiative to my first nutrition guru, my mother.  Somewhere in the universe, she twinkles brightly and I feel the glow.

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