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I am Sophiya Uprety, mother of two little boys and a passionate Nutritionist from Kathmandu, Nepal.


Someone famously stated, "tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are," elucidating the profound relationship between the food we eat and what we become. Our body is made up of and runs from the nutrients derived from food. Good nutrition hence naturally ought to be embraced throughout the life cycle. 


Everyone has a right to good nutrition. I have been working in the field of public health nutrition for almost one and half decade with UN agencies like UNICEF, WFP and UNHCR … closely engaged with the challenges as well as the possibilities of ensuring nutrition for the most vulnerable.  My passion for nutrition keeps on growing beyond the development and humanitarian work.  I cannot help but let it infiltrate every walk of my life – kids, family, friends, social life ... After all passion is passion!


Looking around, I see so much confusion, unawareness and also obliviousness about what entails good nutrition. Even many educated and well to do people are found to be clueless. The implications of poor nutrition practices are very grave while the outcome of good nutrition are so wonderful. Something tugged inside me and I felt a moral imperative to make more effort. So, this is my personal endeavour to encourage everyone to embrace good nutrition as a way of life and unlock its endless potential … 


I am hoping to build an inspiring platform here. So, I welcome collaborations as well as ideas and experiences of embracing nutrition from around the world to be featured. I plan to also have Nepali version of this site in the future.


Lastly, it gives me immense satisfaction to dedicate this initiative to my mother, my inspiration and first Nutrition Guru.