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Urban Nutrition Gardening

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Growing and eating organic is not a new trend. It is a return to tradition!

I am a big enthusiast and an advocate for Urban Nutrition Gardening. However, by no means am an agriculturist or a pro on gardening per se. I wish though… There are people who are experts on both and have been promoting this combination as urban agriculture or urban farming. I was inspired and realized that this concept is so relevant and necessary for nutrition in urban areas. So my attempt is to tweak urban agriculture or urban gardening for nutrition and promote the concept as Urban Nutrition Gardening.

The homegrown, fresh and safe produces contribute to recommended daily intakes of nutrients vital to health. Such gardening also offers a way for urban dwellers to increase physical activity. Moreover, playing with soil and plants is found to have therapeutic properties. The sense of satisfaction and sheer happiness that comes from growing and harvesting own foods are simply wonderful!

I welcome related tips, techniques and examples to update this page so that it becomes a resource for anyone interested to practice and promote Urban Nutrition Gardening. Let us spark a new green movement together!

Sharing some of our own efforts and practices at home...

Sack gardening - growing two veggies in one go!

Spring onions on egg crates!

Spring garlic on egg crates!

Climber veggies love balcony railings!

Cabbage grows on a plastic bag!

Round white eggplants grow in a flowerpot!

Purple eggplants grow in a plastic bag!

Growing chili in a plastic bottle!

Growing herbs in egg shells on a table!

Growing mint in a can on kitchen window sill!

Cucumbers grow on a small patch of land

Some glimpses of joyful urban harvests...


Carrots and Beetroots

Pumpkin flowers

Orange-fleshed sweet potatoes

Multiple harvests


Anjita Budhathoki
Anjita Budhathoki
Jul 05, 2019

Very impressive urban gardening ideas ma'am


Thanks Soph for amazing urban gardening ideas!

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